Slovensko nacionalno superračunalniško omrežje

Course: Supercomputing essentials

Description: In the course, the participants will familiarize with the architecture of computing clusters, the software stack, and run their first jobs. They will learn to distinguish between login nodes, compute nodes, and data storage systems and will become acquainted with the role of the operating system, the Slurm middleware, and user programs. They will connect to the login nodes, transfer files to and from the supercomputer, execute jobs for video processing, and monitor job execution.

Difficulty: Beginner

Language: English

Prerequisite knowledge: /

Target audience: Researchers, engineers, students, and anyone who needs additional computational resources for their work.

Skills to be gained:

Understanding the operation and architecture of supercomputers
Using the SLURM middleware
Basic usage of environment modules and containers
Managing files and jobs
Basic video processing

Maximum participants: 30

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

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Ime: Davor Sluga
Ime: Nejc Ilc
Ime: Ratko Pilipović


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