Slovensko nacionalno superračunalniško omrežje

Course: Big Data analysis with Hadoop and RHadoop

This training course will focus on the foundations of “Big Data” analysis by introducing the Hadoop distributed computing architecture and providing an introductory level tutorial for Big Data analysis using Hadoop, Rhadoop, and R libraries parallel, doParallel, foreach andRmpi. Although online, the course will be hands-on, allowing participants to work interactively on real data on the High Performance Computing environment of the University of Ljubljana.



This course is an EuroCC event jointly organised by EuroCC Slovenia and EuroCC Austria.



  • prof. Janez Povh, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (applied mathematics, high performance computnig, big data analysis)
  • dr. Giovanna Roda, TU Wien (high performance computing, big data analysis)
  • Liana Akobian, TU Wien (high performance computing, big data analysis)


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