Slovenian National Supercomputing Network

EuroHPC PL conference in Poland

The conference summarising the National Supercomputing Infrastructure for EuroHPC – EuroHPC PL project took place on 7 and 8 December 2023 at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. A representative of the SLING National Competence Centre also attended the conference to learn more about HPC activities in Poland.

The two-day program includes presentations of:

  • achievements within each task and the achievements of the project in general,
  • hardware resources (supercomputers and accelerators) and intangible resources (procedures, software) created in the project,
  • quantum resources made available thanks to the project,
  • possibilities of using the constructed infrastructure for science and economy,
  • the LUMI and LUMI-Q infrastructure and their integration with the EuroHPC PL infrastructure,
  • technologies delivered to the project by vendors,
  • technologies and solutions used in the project.

Some of the material is available on the website:
Hint: Perhaps in the material you can find out more about the ChatGPT Polish, an artificial intelligence system developed specifically for the Polish language.

A hybrid regional meeting of the EuroCC 2 partners from Central Europe was also held in the pre-conference session on 6 December 2023.