Collaboration in SLING

SLING joins key universities and research institutions withing the Slovenian supercomputing community. SLING helps the organizations to join the supercomputing network, advises resource centers and  users on how to setup and use the infrastructure and proposes candidate members to joing the network.

SLING is collaborating with research and educational organizations, institutes and research departments in the commercial organizations.

Associate members of SLING

Candidate member expresses interest in joining the Slovenian supercomputing network. SLING helps setting up the required services in order to integrate new resources in the SLING network.

Each site supports a national VO in order to enable sharing the resources with SLING users. The policy of the resource usage is defined by the site.

SLING users

SLING users can get access to the national and european infrastructure via their organization, which approves their membership and allows them to tet the SiGNET CA certificate, used to authenticate in the supercomputing network.