Slovenian National Supercomputing Network

Supercomputing for the industry

Many companies are still unaware of the potential opportunities offered by supercomputing, which is why NCC SLING provides companies in the business sector with access to computing infrastructure and expert support. Free training courses are already available for all industrial users and engineers working within companies to learn how to use supercomputing – from general to more advanced topics. In addition to the above, NCC SLING also acts as a facilitator: we help experts to establish new partnerships, join new project consortia and collaborate on both national and European projects.

What are the benefits of using supercomputing in industry and business?

Supercomputing enables industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy and healthcare to become more innovative, more productive and, above all, to develop products and services with higher value.

Supercomputing in industry and business enables, among other things, the simulation and visualisation of new products, the optimisation of different processes, the analysis of large volumes of data and the design of innovative products and services with the help of artificial intelligence, while significantly reducing product design times and production cycles, production costs, the use of materials and physical testing.

Inspiring stories from companies

Companies have developed new products or optimised existing products or processes using supercomputing, artificial intelligence, data learning or other technologies.

Be inspired by the stories of two Slovenian companies within the FF4EuroHPC project.

The most successful SMEs will be supported by SLING partners to prepare their applications for funding and to carry out experimentation and application of supercomputing in the framework of public calls for tenders.