Slovenian National Supercomputing Network

NCC SLING partners at EESTEC JobFair 2024

At this year’s EESTEC JobFair 2024, which took place at the UL Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics from 11 to 14 March 2024, visitors had the opportunity to discover innovative companies and institutions, try out the latest technologies, look for a job or simply network with exhibitors. The National Competence Centre SLING (NCC SLING) was also represented at the Arnes stand from 13 to 14 March. Students had the opportunity to learn about the use of the national infrastructure, the free training programme and job opportunities in the world of supercomputing. They could also compete in a number of Arnes challenges, such as building a server, assembling paper airplanes and other #hackit tasks, and sign up for the first nationwide Arnes Hackathon. HackathON. The best and the fastest were rewarded with special prizes.