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EU guidelines generative AI in research

European Commission and the research community develop guidelines on responsible use of generative Artificial Intelligence in research

The Commission and the European Research Area countries and stakeholders have developed guidelines to ensure the responsible use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the European research community.

These guidelines emphasize the need for awareness of generative AI’s limitations, such as potential plagiarism, disclosure of sensitive information, or inherent biases, while also recognizing its benefits in speeding up the creation of text, images, and code. Aimed at addressing both the opportunities and challenges presented by the widespread adoption of this technology in science and beyond, the recommendations are grounded in the principles of research integrity. They provide direction for researchers, organizations, and funders on a collaborative approach across Europe. Acknowledging the dynamic nature of generative AI, these guidelines will be periodically revised based on input from the scientific community and stakeholders. Additionally, the EU’s new AI Act introduces specific regulations for general-purpose AI models, enhancing transparency and establishing a new AI Office to oversee implementation. The AI innovation package, launched in January 2024, not only allocates financial resources to Generative AI but also focuses on initiatives to attract, train, and keep specialists in the field.

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