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EDIH DIGI-SI Digital Innovation Challenge Competition

The EDIH DIGI-SI consortium announces a call for digital innovations to participate in the Digital Innovation Challenge Competition, where we will select the best digital innovation.

The winning digital innovation will receive active promotion both in the Slovenian market and in foreign markets through various European networks of DIGI-SI partners, and the finalists of the competition will receive a mentoring “pitching workshop” and a ticket to PODIM 2024, the most influential technology and start-up event in Europe.

Competition process:

  1. first round of evaluation – selection of up to 10 finalists;
  2. participation of finalists in a “pitching” workshop;
  3. attendance of finalists at PODIM 2024;
  4. second round of evaluation at the DIGI-SI Community Days conference in the fall of 2024 – selection of the winner.

The call is open only to Slovenian citizens over 18 years of age with the permission of the organization they work for, who have at least one of the following statuses:

  • researcher/higher education teacher,
  • student,
  • SME (small or medium-sized enterprise),
  • start-up.

Additional information for proposers:

  • the level of technological development of the proposed digital innovation must not be lower than 6 (TRL6). More about the levels of technological developmen here;
  • the proposed digital innovation must not be older than 5 years;
  • proposed digital innovations originating from organizations/companies based in the Eastern Cohesion Region will receive 5 additional points;
  • proposers will present their digital innovation to an international commission live in English.

Proposals must be submitted in electronic form no later than April 15, 2024, by 23:59.

Application Form

Rules and Conditions of Participation in the Competition

More information: