Slovenian National Supercomputing Network
Noč raziskovalcev Arctur

Arctur inspired young people at the “European Researchers’ Night” event

The European Researchers’ Night is a traditional event in which researchers and research institutions open their doors to young people and introduce them to the world of science and technology, with the aim of inspiring them about careers that change the world for the better.

On Friday the 22nd of September, Arctur opened the door to the mysterious world of supercomputing, creative technologies and research in Nova Gorica. They welcomed the students from the Celje School Centre. The students were first addressed by CEO Tomi Ilijaš. Then the National Competence Centre SLING and the activities offered to the students were presented. The students were also impressed by the presentation of supercomputing and its practical application. They had a close look at Arctur-2 and the data centre and learned about its basic components and operation. There was an interactive presentation of creative technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and the equipment used by Arctur to create complex 3D models of cultural heritage, 360° images and virtual walks, as well as enriched experiences such as touchscreens, VR games, VR education and holograms. Students were able to don VR goggles and enter the exciting world of virtual reality.