Slovenian National Supercomputing Network

Technical Support

Technical support at the clusters is provided by the SLING support team, which can be contacted at We provide support for the use of the clusters available under open access: Arnes, NSC, Trdina, Maister and Vega.

Technical support is available on weekdays between 8am and 4pm..

Contact Technical Support for:

  • information on gaining access to supercomputing clusters,
  • general information on supercomputers and how to use them,
  • if you are having issues with running tasks,

In case of issues, please send us a message describing the problem in detail, including a printout of the error and the steps you took to get to the error.

Technical Support is available for troubleshooting cluster errors, helping with the Slurm queue manager, hardware and cluster specifics, and troubleshooting issues with running tasks, using the file system, or the network. Application support is provided on a best-effort basis.