Slovenian supercomputing center chosen to host European infrastructure

EuroHPC JU approved 840 million euro funding for eight supercomputers

The hosting sites will be located in Sofia (Bulgaria), Ostrava (Czechia), Kajaani (Finland), Bologna (Italy), Bissen (Luxembourg), Minho (Portugal), Maribor (Slovenia), and Barcelona (Spain). They will support the development of major applications in domains such as personalised medicine, drug and material design, bio-engineering, weather forecasting, and climate change.

On Monday, 10 June 2019, a symposium upon the solemn proclamation of the significant Slovenian collaboration in the pan-European supercomputing EuroHPC Joint Undertaking by obtaining co-financing for establishing one of the five representative peta-scale HPC systems in Europe will be held in Ljubljana, in the premises of the EU House Slovenia of the European Commission Representation in Slovenia. For more information visit


  • dr. Jernej Pikalo (the minister for Education, Science and Sport)
  • dr. Zoran Stančič (European Union Representatives ),
  • Mr. Khalil Rouhana (European Union Representatives , Deputy Director-General at the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology),
  • dr. Zoran Ren (University of Maribor)
  • dr. Janez Povh (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering),
  • dr. Milan Ojsteršek (University of Maribor),
  • Tomi Ilijaš (Arctur),
  • dr. Jan Jona Javoršek (SLING),
  • dr. Aleš Maver (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine),
  • dr. Jernej Stare (National Institute of Chemistry),
  • dr. Sašo Džerovski (Jožef Stefan Institute),
  • dr. Andrej Filipčič (Jožef Stefan Institute) elaborated on the importance of supercomputing infrastructure in Slovenian and global science.