24th EUGridPMA Meeting

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 16-18th January 2012


The 24th EUGridPMA meeting will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from Monday January 16 till Wednesday 18, 2012, at the Jožef Stefan Institute, hosted by SiGNET CA in collaboration with with Slovenian NGI consortium.

Notice: attendence to the meeting is restricted to members of the EUGridPMA, APGridPMA and TAGPMA, and to those that have started their accreditation process. Otherwise, attendance is by invitation only.

Please see the meeting programme page for more information and presentation submission forms.


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a central European city with all the facilities of a modern capital, yet it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. Ljubljana is a city with numerous green areas, which offer excellent opportunities for sports and recreation (but will probably be under snow at the time of the meeting). The city, with almost 280,000 inhabitants, caters to everyone's needs, since despite the fact that it is one of the smallest European capitals, it strives to provide all the facilities of a metropolis.

Ljubljana is set midway between Vienna and Venice on the crossroads of main European routes, so it is an ideal starting point for visits to many central European cities and countries. Both skiing resorts, attractive in winter, and the Adriatic coast, perfect for summer trips, are only a short distance from Ljubljana. (Skiing equipment can be rented at the Krvavec ski resort, 20 minutes from the city.)


24th EU Grid PMA Meeting will be held at the Jožef Stefan Institute (short JSI), main lecture hall, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana.

Please see the section on Travel for information about travelling to Slovenia and around Ljubljana.

You can best reach the conference venue from your hotel by taking the bus No 1 from Slovenska cesta (the main street in the town centre) south-bound to the station "Jadranska", where the bus stop is right in front of the Institute.

There will be a live video stream available. Please use EVO for active participation.

Connection details for EVO:

Live stream and video archive details will be specified here shortly.



Please visit the 24th EU Grid PMA meeting accomodation page for information on reserved rooms and recommended hotels in Ljubljana.

Border and Visas

Slovenia is a part of Schengen Area and corresponds to European standards. Citizens of European Union member countries, Croatia and Switzerland can cross the border with a valid personal identification document without additional procedure for visits under thirty days.

All those who need visas to visit Slovenia can obtain them from Slovenia’s representative offices in their home countries. Please find all the latest information on the procedures and conditions for obtaining a visa to enter Slovenia at the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and look-up your country at the country information page.

Please contact the local organiser if you need a visa to enter Slovenia.

Cash and Credit

Slovenia has adopted Euro in 2007. Credit cards are accepted everywhere except when paying for taxi. (A taxi with credit card paying option can be requested in advance with some companies, check with your hotel.) There are money exchange offices (’menjalnica’) and ATM machines available everywhere.

Health Coverage

Slovenia has reciprocal conventions for health insurance coverage with many countries. All Slovenian cities offer European standard medical facilities.


Speed limits: urban areas 50 km/h, regional roads 90 km/h, highways 130 km/h.

Electrical Grid: 220V 50Hz, electrical plug details: European plug with two circular metal pins, actually "Type F" or CEE 7/4 (German Schuko 16 A/250 V grounded).

Wireless Internet Access

Eduroam and anonymous WiFi with a local guest account will be available at the conference venue.

All recommended hotels have free Internet access, usually with WiFi wireless connection in the rooms, but some may require wired connection in rooms (cables available at reception desk, see notes). Most other hotels offer free Internet access. Hostels and similar accommodation usually offer at least an access point or free computer access in the lobby. The service is often not advertized.

Many pubs and cafes offer free WiFi access, but few if any advertise the service. Please inquire or just try. Often you need to ask the waiter for the password.

Wireless access in other public areas (airports, train station) usually requires payment.

Most educational institutions offer Eduroam connectivity.