40th EUGridPMA Meeting: Travel

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 22-14th May 2017


By airplane

Ljubljana is easily accessible from different destinations. The country's main airport Jože Pučnik Airport is located a little less than 26 kilometres from the city, 25-minutes away by car. Slovenia’s national carrier Adria Airways, a regional partner of Star Alliance offers regular flights to most major European cities.

Ljubljana is directly linked to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, London, Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Moscow, Skopje, Sarajevo, Tirana, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Podgorica, Prague, and others. In addition, EasyJet flies from London Stansted to Ljubljana once a day.

Frequency of direct scheduled flights to / from the main European hubs:

Conference delegates should arrange air travel to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport airport and then local transportation to Ljubljana either by bus, taxi or shuttle.

Travelling by shuttle: Shuttle from/to the airport Go Opti and MNJ. Price: 9 EUR per person (one way). The journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Shuttles usually wait at arrivals, but it is recommended to book a seat in advance. Most Ljubljana hotels offer also shuttle service from/to the airport which you can book together with accommodation. They often use the same two services.

Travelling by bus: Bus from/to the airport: bus info. Price: 4,1 EUR per person (one way). The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Travelling by taxi: By taxi, the journey should take between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the time of the day. Taxi service at the airport should cost you approximately 40 € for one way. You can get lower rates if you order a taxi from your hotel since airport taxis have a higer rate.

Shuttle from a remote airport: Go Opti and Vinetou Airport Transfer Service offer transport service from/to nearby airports, including Trieste/Ronchi, Venetia, Klagenfurt, Gratz, Salzburg, München, Vienna, Genova, Savona and Milano. Note that Go Opti gives good prices per seat with advanced booking, while Vinetou offers a price per car/van/minibus.

By car and rail

Ljubljana has also good international rail connections. Direct connections are to Vienna in Austria, Trieste and Venice in Italy, Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb in Croatia, Belgrade in Serbia, Greece, and Germany, Switzerland plus a whole host of different European cities. Travel costs are low, and almost the entire fleet of trains operated by the Slovenske železnice national railway company was modernised a few years ago.

If traveling by car, you can reach Slovenia via one of the border crossings with Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia.

Ljubljana is located at the crossroads of the country's most important road routes. Here are listed distances from some major EU cities:


Urbana Card

Many services in the city are accessible using the Urbana payment card. The card itself costs 2 EUR. More info on Urbana cards, selling points and bus schedules: Ljubljana City Transport.


The public city bus network makes it easy to travel within the city. The fee (1.20 EUR) must be payed with an Urbana pre-paid card, which can be bought in tobacco shops and automatic teller machines on larger bus stations. One ride can last up to 90 minutes and can involve multiple route changes / bus switching with the same fare.

To get to the venue by bus from the city centre take bus No. 1 (direction Mestni Log) or bus No. 6 (direction Dolgi most). We recommend you to take bus No. 1, because it stops in front of the side entrance to the Jozef Stefan Institute on Jadranska cesta, making it easier to find the correct stop. Bus No. 6 stops on Tržaska cesta at Stan in dom /Ilirija) stop about 5 minutes walking distance from the Institute (cross the main street at traffic lights and walk along the Jadranska Street).

Please consult the map for bus lines in Ljubljana.

City Bikes

The city centre is small and well accessible for bycile users, so we can recommend using a city bike.

Service BicikeLJ allows the general public to rent city bikes at fixed stops in Ljubljana. In order to use the service, you need an Urbana card, registered to use the service (i.e. for a 7-day pass). For registration, you will have to enter you credit card details.

Please note that any ride under 1 hour is free. If you forget to return your bike, you will be charged 20 EUR for a day and 130 EUR for a lost bike, so always park the bike in the provided spots and check that the lock is fully engaged.

There is a city bike stop with locks close to the bus No. 6 station at Tržaska Road about 5 minutes walking distance from the Institute (cross the main street at traffic lights and walk along the Jadranska Street). There are several stops with locks in the city centre.


There are fixed spots where taxis are stationed, and the often wait in front of hotesl. We recommend however that you always order your taxi by phone or via your hotel, since thish guarantees a lower fare price with some companies and makes sure you are serviced by a good company.

Service quality unfortunaltey varies largely by company, so we recommend you always book your taxi via your hotel or use the company Laguna: +386 1 511 23 14 or toll-free 080 12 33.